Technology Overview

Glucowizzard™  is an ultra-small implantable biosensor for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).  This needle-implantable device wirelessly transmits glucose levels to a watch-like unit (for real-time display) which in turn communicates with personal digital accessories (such as a smartphone).

Our technology is holistic and alleviates all of the major concerns of current CGM devices.  Some of these include:

  1. Extreme miniaturization for needle-based device implantation;
  2. Drug-delivery coatings for complete suppression of foreign body response upon implantation;
  3. Robust sensing element design for highly accurate glucose levels;
  4. Long-life time (minimum of three months).

In addition, our bio-analyte platform is capable of simultaneous monitoring of more than one metabolites including but not limited to glucose, lactate, oxygen, carbon dioxide, glutamate etc.,  Moreover, our platform is capable of detecting metabolite changes in the sub-micromolar regime.