Glucowizzard for Diabetes Management

Glucowizzard™ is a totally implantable biosensor for continuous glucose monitoring intended for Diabetes management and care.  The device  is implanted within the subcutaneous tissue and wirelessly communicates with a watch-like unit that displays the glucose levels in real-time fashion.  In addition, this watch-like unit interfaces with various personal digital accessories (smartphones, laptops etc.,) for data storage and transmission to a health-care provider.

Glucowizzard™  provides unique advantages over other devices.  Some of these are include:

  1. Needle-implantable due to the ultra-small (0.5 X 0.5 X 5 mm) device size (does not require surgery for implantation);
  2. Accurate readings due to unique sensing element design;
  3. Long life time (minimum of 3 months);
  4. Wireless transmission of glucose levels to the Diabetic, his/her caretaker and health care provider;
  5. Patient comfort and compliance