Metabolic Monitoring

Metabolic monitoring is a key element of drug research and development.  Our bio-analyte sensing platform is capable of  simultaneous monitoring of a number of metabolites and is a much-sought tool in pre-clinical animal studies for understanding disease pathogenesis and drug development.

Our bio-analyte platform offers:

  1. Continuous monitoring of bio-analyte levels in animal studies, eliminating the need of blood sampling, which is challenging in small animals (rodents).
  2. Continuous monitoring of bio-analyte levels without anesthetizing the animal, thereby avoiding the inevitable bio-analyte fluctuations induced by anesthesia.
  3. Testing of bio-analyte levels under any experimental conditions (e.g., rest, exercise, stress, etc) and under various treatments involving a variety of pharmaceutical agents.
  4. A significant reduction in the cost of animal experimentation, bypassing the need of anesthesia, needles, pricking, and various bio-analyte monitoring kits.
  5. Remote monitoring of bio-analyte levels and significantly reducing the time for experimentation and eventually for drug development.